Saturday, December 2, 2017

it's so funny

how funny is it when we think
the one who once we thought would stay with us is now leaving
the one who once we thought only to cross our life path is the one who stay
the one who once we hated so much is the one that is lending their hand and shoulder when i was down

it's funny to think how much i believe you would stay through thick and thin but now you appear only to ask about other people -- but not me
where were you when i needed a hand the most?
where were you when i was kneeling down, bruised and scarred?
where were you when i was crying that my pillow soaked up with tears?

and now you come again asking to ask me a favor-
and playing a major victim because i am not able to help you
because i am sick. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017


"tahap mana kita ini selayaknya makan yang buruk²".

my heart aches really bad.

sometimes i felt like quitting and stopping.

i'm really tired.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


people don't seem to understand when i start distancing myself.

i'm not in my bad mood. i just want to be alone. i get it, sometimes i can be a bit louder than usual, or be loud in general. that doesn't mean like i am always up for mingling 24/7. i do get tired with human interaction too. so i'll go quiet for a day or two. or sometimes 3 days. i swear there is nothing personal, i just want to be left alone. please don't come for me asking if i am not okay. i appreciate my time alone as much as i enjoy my time with people. it's a healing process for me. people should try it too, it's healthy.

Monday, September 4, 2017

2 cents

no wonder people go quieter over time because the more you explain the more people refuse to understand. it's such a shame being born in a cognitive dissonance generations. we refuse to perceive new information as it is. we are alarmed with differences as if we are all made to be equal in everything. we are so caught up in our own belief on certain things, when it happens in other way around we are so alarmed with new information and perceive it as a threat.

what the hell the world has got us into. what is even wrong with differences. i know myself as a human i am unable to tolerate everything in front of me, but people need to stop talking bad about other people just because we're not on the same page.

we have been taught with "my opinion is truer than you so i am wiser. my beliefs is way better than yours so you better shut up".

when can we stop

Thursday, June 15, 2017

I know that you know

Ayah, do you know how mad I am today?
Do you know every time Mak and Adik gets mad at you I was the only one who’s defending?
Do you know every time I told my friend about you-- they're all gets mad too?
Do you know how mad I was for you not to put any effort to defend yourself?

Ayah, even the whole world are against you-
I’ll be the one who will stand for you
I’ll be the one who will defend you- even if people are repelled by my action to do so.
I realize that I can’t get mad at you.

Ayah, do you know sometimes I feel like I don’t belong anywhere in this world.
Every where I go, I feel like I’m forcing myself fitting in with people.
Sometimes, I just wanna gave up and be alone.

Ayah, I was sad and miserable these few years.
Just now you called--
I told Amar and Ezuan to shut the hell up-- because I really wanna hear your voice.
I missed you, not even to the distance of moon and back. It’s more than that.

Just now you called-
You sounded so happy.
I realized how much I wanted all these years was a bad dream-
That God will wake me up from these long sleep--
I’ll wake up as a 10 years old-
So we’ll have plenty of time together.
And I don’t have to regret how much time I’ve wasted
--to realized that I loved you more than my own life.

I know that you know-
that I miss you.
We both can feel it. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

humans are flawed

nobody is perfect. we are all lacking in things that usually people can't see. from day to day we learn to just embrace them or simply close one eyes and decide to ignore them; not completely, because it's a constant battle within ourselves.

while we struggle to ignore and embrace them, there are also people who constantly there to remind how flawed we are. how lack we are according to their personal standard, or society standard.

we hardly say that it doesn't affect us but the reality is already ripping our feelings in half, at least.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

no title

you dare telling me to love myself when the one who destroy it is you 

Monday, January 9, 2017


i am genuinely not interested in things that restrain me from learning about my own damn self. life is about trial and error. let me pick the wrong path and learn from them. i appreciate advice, not instructions. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

adiwira tahi

aku tak akan pernah percaya manusia berlagak adiwira. aku tahu apa permulaannya, aku tahu bagaimana pengakhirannya. keadaan tak mengizinkan aku untuk berbaik sangka.


nyah kau

awal 2017 aku mula dengan emosi yang mencanak². lagi sekali aku ulang-- 2017. masa untuk orang² yang nak berambus, pergi berambus. jangan toleh belakang lagi. anggap aku tak kenal kau. aku tak nak melayan drama, nak melayan kepala angin, nak melayan karenah orang lain lebih dari diri aku sendiri. cukup²lah tempoh masa aku kelar hati aku untuk orang lain & terima kasih yang boleh kira dengan jari. tenaga aku banyak keluar & aku tak rasa berbaloi sebab akhirnya aku terbunuh diri sendiri. benda akan berulang² selagi aku pujuk hati aku yang semua benda akan okay, padahal tak.

khidmat melepas manusia tersepit aku buka hanya untuk anjing dan kepada anjing semata.

p/s: aku tak pernah rasa anjing satu hinaan. sifat anjing jauh lagi mulia dari perangai sesetengah manusia yang mengecewakan.

the best is yet to come. i just need to stay positive.