Saturday, March 23, 2013

my SPM result & ayah

at first i wanted to post this on our (robo, damon and me)'s blog because i wrote this in english but it's too personal so i decided to post here. oh by the way, check out our blog for more english post, drop some comment, criticize or suggestion, because we are trying to improve our english. click here.

i don't know where to start. everything doesn't seems right as the day i got my result; yesterday. i got a lot of phone calls, message, mention from twitter, comment and private message from facebook, an even for today  i still get the same question, asking for my result and for sure i got a lot of reaction when i mentioned my result. thank you atie and kiki for their good and sweet words to build up my moral, thanks a lot, may Allah bless both of you!

i didn't do well, so i only get 3A 1A- 1B+ 1C+ 1C 1D 1E. looks like a guitar chord for a song, eh? luckily i don't have any G chords in there. Alhamdulillah, i manage to get passed those killer-subject; addmaths, biology, chemistry, and physics. well actually i haven't go to school to take my results, so i don't know the actual subject for the grade stated but i'm fucking sure i got E for my addmaths because i have no fucking idea what was i'm doing when answering addmaths paper on that day, hahaha!

blablabla. thing's passed. now i'm trying to move on from this endless sorrow.

i always wanted to learn english more, and i really in love with TESL course since i was in form 4. my english is not really good, but it's not that bad too. i have passion in english, and i'm pretty sure that i can do well in this course, Insya Allah, Amin! so i fill UPU's form, and put TESL as the first choice.

to make the story short, ayah came home today to see my result and i told him that i haven't take my results yet and he is quite angry. i don't care, he came home with a bunch of satay, i just care about the satay. it's fringin' delicious! (i just love everything associated with food, anyway). i ate the most satay, and i don't even care. mak is already full, ayah can't eat much because he's on diet (he's a diabetic), and debot's has been tramontane in the refrigerator. so with my full stomach ayah punished me to massage his foot. (i'm good at massaging) (LOL) (gtfo dirty minded) and i know, i'm gonna get brainwash from ayah.

.. and i was correct. but it's not-so-brainwash, i can say it's more like a mental forcing from ayah. ayah asked me to take law course. he tried to convince to take the law course. i felt i wanna cry as i told him that i have no passion in law. so there he goes, he started to make a sad story. he told me that he wanted to be a lawyer when he was in school, but sadly he can't reach his ambition due to the (i don't know what it is, i only heard it's about system). so i have to continue his dream to be a lawyer.

he wanted me to be somebody.  i don't even understand what is the context meaning of somebody to him, as for me, everybody is somebody.

now, i don't know, to follow, or not to follow my own dreams, to take TESL and be a cool lecturer someday, or take law, and be a boring person with full of law in doing things someday.

i hate rules.


  1. Ok la result tuu dayaah . Org yg dpt smue A+ pon belom tentuu success taww . Congrats to u . And nak x nk , kte kene follow what our parents want kan ? Haha . Nak buad canee ? Anywayyy , congrats lg . Akk dlu pong 3A je :)

    1. itulah, tapi moral derang tinggi sikit. ada keyakinan :) terima kasih kak.

      entahlah. macam macam pendapat bila diajukan, untuk ikut, atau untuk tidak mengikut. terima kasih lagi sekali, dan tahniah juga, sampai ke universiti ;)

  2. my advice is to just follow what you have passion for.
    sebab, kalau dah tak de hati, rasa terpaksa, susah tau.

    Try buat research on TESL, like job opportunities and such.
    Show it to your dad. Make sure he knows that you're serious about TESL.

    i wish all the best :)

    1. agreed. i've been through all of those forced-feelings for about 2 years; but it's my own mistake-lah on that time.

      great idea! i should give a try even though he is a person who is hard-to deal-with. it's not a loss of giving a try, eh? :)

      thanks a lot for giving advice and opinion! may Allah bless you! :D

  3. Kunjungan perdana.. semoga menjadi awal perkenalan yang baik..salam kenal dan sukses terus.


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